Suhas Vijayakumar

studies brains for a living


I am in strong favour of promoting public understanding of science and believe it to be particularly relevant in a developing country like India, where a career in science is often looked down upon. I want to communicate science, alongside pursuing scientific research, through jargon-less scientific writing, talking and teaching. Here are some samples.

Radboud talks 2019

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Radboud talks is a 3-minute pitch competition where researchers from all disciplines narrate their research stories for live audience and a jury of science communication experts. No presentation slides, no charts and graphs, just story.

I ended up winning the 2019 competition for which, I received 1000 euros as personal science communication budget. Here’s my pitch during the preliminaries.

Neuro Nuggets

It’s easy to get occupied in doing research and not stop to enjoy the process. So, I started making a series of YouTube videos about how researchers got interested in the field of neuroscience. While I hope neuroscientists find these interesting, I also hope that someone stumbling upon one such video might find the field absolutely fascinating too.

Here is the latest video in which, I talk to Mr. Theta (aka Dr. Mike X Cohen).


Every now and then, I try to write blogposts about concepts that I find interesting. One such post about how flawed of planning can be, appeared on Donders Wonders blog.

On planning fallacy: Things always take longer than expected. Always.

I also jot down my thoughts on my own blog: metadata