PhD journal
Just that. It is an online PhD journal.


If you've landed on this repository, you're probably wondering what this is and how it's made. Let me explain.

You can read abuot the rationale behind this journal on the about page.

tl;dr: this is a place where I can document the happenings during my PhD, both academic and non-academic, to look back later for information or to just feel good!


I'm a third year PhD student at the Cognitive Neuroecology Lab of the Donders Institute, Nijmegen. So far, we've tried to understand how the frontal and the parietal cortex of primates are organised by studying their brains after their owners don't need them anymore (read: natural death). We've found interesting results and I'm currently busy wrting that up as a paper for peer-reviewed publication.

No, I'm not making this wiki to procrastinate writing the paper.
Who'd do such a thing?! [gasp]