Academic project directory setup (minimal)

By Suhas Vijayakumar on May 31, 2017

Be it coding, or making your manuscript worthy of publication, we all know that a final version just does not exist. But a decent start lets you find your notes when you need them, or get to that methods-related tip your supervisor had given on you second meeting with them, from some 17 months ago, or to be able to just send a link to a place on the internet where others can see what you’ve been working on and can collaborate with minimal effort. There are a few options out there that solve your starting problem. None of them were quite what I was looking for – a bare minimum setup, that’s independent of the operating system, programming language used in the project, but easy to reuse in different project from another field. Just a basic directory setup that keeps my data separate from the code, article document files separate from the figures, and so on. So, after quickly canvasing the relevant information on the internet, I made one of my own this morning in hopes of using it time and again (because I want to be in academia for a much longer than this one project).

Giving a talk? Know your illusion of transparency

By Suhas Vijayakumar on May 29, 2017

I’ve been a public speaking junkie for the better half of my life so far. I’ve mostly interacted with high schoolers. And I absolutely love it. I like the attention that I get when I’m in front of them, when they come and want to have a chat after the talk, when they contact me a year later to tell me how they are doing, I like the whole deal. And along the way the two most important things that have helped me get better are the following:

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What can physicists teach other researchers?

By Suhas Vijayakumar on May 24, 2017

If you’re in the field of social sciences, there is no way you haven’t heard about the replication crisis in one form or the other. There are studies that paint quite a grim picture, then there are studies that provide some consolation and say that the numbers are slightly better than what other papers say. In either case, the conclusion is that something has to change in the way we think about doing science.

The world has many edges and it's easy to fall

By Suhas Vijayakumar on May 19, 2017

Having lived just over a quarter of a century, I know not much about life. Most of which I do know came in the form of this letter that Sumiti Saharan, a good friend of mine wrote when I was leaving India to pursue a master’s degree elsewhere. I’ve read and reread it multiple times for all kinds of reasons. And it has always left me with a smile and a tear (fine, two). But most of all, it has given me hope. Here’s a wishing that you find something in it too.

Life of a Donders PhD: an interview thing

By Suhas Vijayakumar on May 18, 2017

An interview thing was published as part of “The Life of…” series on the Donders PhD newsletter. Even though this page falls under the category of blatant self promotion, I shouldn’t deny the fact that it feels good to talk about oneself. That and also I spent some time answering those questions. So, in the event of the institute servers crashing (yes, I know they are backed up. Don’t reason with me on this one.), I just thought it’ll be good to re-post it here before it’s gone (Interesting side story. I admire Aaron Swartz a lot. A lot is an understatement. Anyway, his blog - Raw Thought was down for a day (server cash, I assume) and I’d lost it! I did manage to calm myself down after finding Josh Leitzel’s repository of the entire blog, though). So, here is a repost of the interview that was originally published somewhere there.

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