Statement of purpose - part of my master's application

By Suhas Vijayakumar on April 6, 2018

Having spent a few years in academia, I’ve realised that results and rewards take time to materialize. So, I often open up the statement of purpose (SOP) from my master’s application to remind myself of how and why I’ve come to studying neuroscience. I’m going to leave it here for anyone curious, or looking for an example SOP. Thanks to Sachin Phatak and Sumiti Saharan for their valuable time and critique that went into organising and penning these thoughts better than I ever could have on my own.

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Dear Germany letter, from a PhD aspirant

By Guest author on November 10, 2017

Dear Germany,

I hear you’re wondering why so many young researchers are leaving the country to pursue their careers elsewhere. Well, here’s my take on it, from the perspective of someone looking to do a PhD:

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It always takes more time. Always.

By Suhas Vijayakumar on June 28, 2017

The last time my supervisor asked me when he could expect me to write up a report of our project, I had confidently said, “two weeks.” It has been two months since and I’m now two weeks away from completing it. I think.

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Getting feedback from students – starterkit

By Suhas Vijayakumar on June 28, 2017

Obtaining relevant feedback is the key to improve irrespective of the field. It’s true for artificially intelligent systems, it’s true for organizations, and it’s true for individuals. And reflecting on such feedback can prove to be extremely helpful when someone is in training. I’m in one such scenario. I’m training to be a qualified teacher.

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On having difficult conversations

By Suhas Vijayakumar on June 13, 2017

The only weight a school-going child should bear on their shoulder should be that of the textbooks. Their only worry should be about meeting the deadlines of their homework or preparing for the upcoming test. Yet, there I was, finding myself having a conversation about child sexual abuse with a friend. I tried to comprehend what kind of childhood they had, when they explained that the weight of their books, or thoughts of the upcoming test was the least of their concerns when they left home for school.

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